Walking around the building this morning, Elder Peggy Trussell is filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment. She contemplates how far she has come in the past two and a half weeks and reflects, “With the Lord’s help, I made it.”
Ms. Trussell came to The Bridge at Monteagle just two and a half weeks ago after suffering a spinal fracture. She reflects on that time, stating, “I was scared and wondering how I was going to get through this.” Describing her feelings at the time, Peggy shares, “I was in very hard pain.”

Confined to a wheelchair initially, Peggy wondered how she was going to recover and meet her goal of returning home independently. Her strength she credits to the Lord and her direction she credits to her therapy team. “Therapy is the best thing that happened to me,” she declares. “I could hardly get up or out of bed but with therapy I could and that felt really good. Therapy was awesome.”

Ms. Trussell also gives high praise to the nursing staff and caregivers at The Bridge at Monteagle. “They wheeled me in and took care of my pain. They checked on me constantly. Donna (RN) and David (OT) were great and helped me so much.” She continued, “If I did need anything again, I would come back here. I couldn’t have done this without this place.”

During her time at The Bridge at Monteagle, Peggy’s hard work and dedication to improving inspired those around her. She received skilled therapeutic interventions from physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology addressing improving strength, walking, balance, safety, endurance, and memory skills. Even though she has only been at the facility two and a half weeks, she was able to meet over 24 short term and long term therapy goals. Peggy has demonstrated improvement from needing assistance for all activities of daily living to being modified independent. She also improved from being primarily in a wheelchair to walking around the facility without assistance. She has improved ability to independently use memory and safety strategies which she will use to return home independently and safely.
Ms. Trussell could frequently be seen providing encouragement to other elders during their therapy sessions and providing a kind word those those with whom she came in contact. David Hunter, occupational therapist, described Peggy as “eager to participate despite intense pain. She was easy to work with.” Rehab Services Manager Tracy Valles expressed her gratitude that the rehabilitation department was able to help Peggy meet her goals.

Ms. Trussell has left a lasting impact of the elders and caregivers at The Bridge at Monteagle, and though she is returning home, her presence will leave a lasting impact on those with whom she has touched for a long time to come.

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