It was mid-May and, while the rest of us were celebrating spring, Mike had an unfortunate accident and broke his hip. Due to the nature of his fracture, surgery was required, and Mike was sent to the hospital. He went from a man freely walking throughout our residential community to being relegated to a wheelchair. At first, Mike had great difficulty standing and some days had trouble getting through his therapy sessions. Although he had some tough days, he did not give up and participated in therapy every day. As much as it hurt him to stand, he continued to stand as much as he could tolerate. Slowly he got better and progressed from barely being able to stand to taking small steps. He remained motivated and worked hard to overcome his challenges. And through consistent participation in therapy, he has made it to where he is today. Mike is back on his feet again cruising through the facility. In fact, we are seeing Mike around the facility more now than before the accident. Mike has been participating in activities regularly and will drop by the gym to say hello. We are proud of you Mike, you truly an inspiration and a hero!

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