Patricia Ray was welcomed to our community at SHC of Monteagle in March 2017. When she first came to this community, Patricia struggled to communicate. She struggled to express her wants, thoughts, and ideas. She was unable to speak or understand. She was having difficulty walking and needed assistance with all activities of daily living including dressing, bathing, and going to the restroom. Reflecting on when she came to this community, Patricia states, “I felt lost.”

Once settled, Patricia began participating in skilled therapy. She was evaluated by a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and a Speech Language Pathologist. Patricia worked hard and diligently towards meeting her goals of walking independently, being able to take herself to the bathroom and dress herself without assistance. She also wanted to be able to communicate again without the frustration of knowing what she wanted to say, but being unable to say it. Her therapists set goals for her and she not only met those, she surpassed them.
During her time working with therapy, Patricia met 39 short-term and long-term goals. Patricia is now walking independently around our community. She is able to communicate her wants, needs, thoughts, and ideas. She is a regular in the dining hall, communicating with her peers while she laughs and reminisces. She states, “I have gotten better at talking and walking. I am walking more and doing more things for myself like getting dressed and going to the bathroom. It’s important to have privacy. ”
When asked about her time in our community, Patricia responds, “I feel more at home. The people here can’t do any better. I am now looking forward to old age. I am living now.”

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