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Joan Tate sits in the therapy gym at Signature Healthcare of Monteagle laughing and making jokes. She has been working hard every day to return home to her family following a hospitalization in June that left her weak and feeling uncertain about her future. “I’m going to get better so I can go home,” she asserts as she completes her arm strengthing exercises before telling another joke that causes the therapy gym to erupt with laughter.
Ms. Tate was welcomed to our community in June and began working with Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. Though she had been independent before her hospitalization, when she was evaluated by the licensed and trained therapists at this facility, she was having difficulty getting dressed, going to the bathroom, showering, walking, and remembering important information. She expresses, “I didn’t like the idea of being away from home but I was scared to do things by myself that I used to do.” Therapy has been working diligently with Ms. Tate on walking, improving endurance, independence with activities of daily living, use of memory strategies, and independence with medication management, and keeping track of finances.
With skilled therapeutic interventions provided by the therapy staff, Joan has improved from being unable to walk to now walking 225 feet. This is becoming independent with use of trained strategies to facilitate independence when at home, and has improved her strength and endurance. She has met 10 of the goals that her therapists have set for her and continues to make progress towards her goal of returning home. When reflecting on her progress, Joan states, “I can go to the bathroom myself. I’m walking. I push my limits and with the help of the people here I am more comfortable. I have confidence in myself.”
Ms. Tate is preparing to return home in two weeks which is a testament to her hard work and dedication. But Ms. Tate is quick to share the credit with her primary therapists Felicia, David, and Jessica. “I would recommend this facility to anyone – oh yeah! It was a lot of help and got me out of here. I’m really excited to see my granddaughter.” The staff at SHC Monteagle is proud of Ms. Tate and is excited for her to return home. She has been a blessing to this facility and her jokes, laughter, and smile will be missed.

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