Louise Meyer came to our community SHC of Monteagle in February of 2017 after frequent falls at her home and having been at several facilities. Louise reports that she was angry and disappointed that she was not able to go home. She expresses disatisfaction with previous facility. But after coming to this community, she reports that she feels great and is happy she has found the right place for her. Louise states that since coming to this community, she feels she has been able to fit in, be social, and is able to relate to her peers and make friends.
Louise reports that the therapists not only were her therapists, but also became her friend. She credits Jessica (Speech Language Pathologist), Felicia (Physical Therapy Assistant), and David (Occupational Therapist) for her recovery and making her feel so welcome. She also feels blessed that through her collaboration with the therapy team as well as through her hard work and dedication, she is now able to return home.
Mrs. Meyer, an avid animal lover, is excited to be going home to be with her animals. She has one dachshund who is 14.5 years old and named Ms. Sophie. She also has an 8.5-year-old yellow lab mix named Peanut. Her dogs are the loves of her life.
Louise states she would recommend this community to other family and friends. She describes the staff as kind and indicates that the therapy team, in particular, makes you feel comfortable especially “with things you don’t feel like you can do until you do them.” Louise states she would come back to this community if she needed any therapy in the future.

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