Family Goes The Distance For Personalized Care

To The Administration and Staff at The Bridge in Monteagle,

I would like to take the time and opportunity to personally say “thank you” to the staff at The Bridge in Monteagle Tennessee. I have verbalized it on occasions but I want to attempt to pen my thoughts and feelings about the Bridge.

When I first learned that my brother, Jerry Banks, was being transported from a local nursing home facility to The Bridge, I was distraught and emotionally upset. I had already called a minister in to speak with Jerry because the doctor had informed me that he had three to seven days to live. And now he is being transported to another facility which I knew nothing about not to mention that it would be a sixty mile round trip for me.

On a cold, snowy day in February 2010, Jerry arrived by ambulance in what I would describe as a comatose state. Each time my phone rang, I knew it would be the call I did not want to receive. Again I asked a minister to speak with Jerry but morphine prevented Jerry from being able to communicate. The following weeks consisted of visits to many of the local Monteagle area hospitals with my thinking each time that this had to be the end of Jerry. You see, I had given up, but the staff at The Bridge never gave up on Jerry.

With the grace of God and with the care that Jerry received he managed to cling to life. Gradually he began to feed himself, to move in a wheelchair, and to communicate when I visited him. The day I saw him walking brought tears to my eyes because I feared he would never walk again. He is now able to feed himself, bathe and dress himself, Joke and fuss with care takers, smoke his cigarettes, and even go on short trips with my husband and me.

Not only did Jerry receive the proper care and understanding that he so desperately needed, but we as family members were also counseled and educated on what to expect and how to deal with dementia patients. I have been most impressed with this facilities efforts to keep me informed of Jerry’s progressed.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jerry would no longer be with us if he had not received that love and care from the staff at The Bridge in Monteagle. Their patience, love, Knowledge and skill in working with residents like my brother proves that this facility is genuinely interested and dedicated to caring for demetia patients.

Thank you from my heart,

Judy B. Pugh