Family Go The Distance For Personalized Care

My name is Olivia Yarbrough, wife of Bobby Yarbrough who was diagnosed in 2002. On June 2007 another decision had to be made. I had thought that Bobby being in assisted living, things were settled for a while. He just could not adjust so they said he could no longer be able stay there. This began our path to The Bridge at Monteagle. I was more unsettled about the decision to have him placed  so far from me. From the first day he was never asking me to go home. I was making the trip three times a week. The 123 miles round trip seemed longer and longer. I was like a lot of the other care givers no one could take care of him like me. As the months rolled into years which is seven years now, I feel that this was a good decision for Bobby. The staff have been so kind, caring and efficient. They have kept me up to date on any changes that might occur. I feel they take care of me as well as Bobby. I truly believe that if it was not for the good care Bobby has received here he might not have thrived for the past seven years. For this I am grateful to each and everyone at The Bridge for trying to make our lives better