The Bridge at Monteagle Elders Experience “Happiest Place on Earth”

It is true; the happiest place on earth can offer joy and enchantment to even those many moons past childhood.

The Bridge at Monteagle, a Signature HealthCARE Hometown facility specializing in dementia and Alzheimer’s care, accompanied two of their amazing elders to experience the wonderful world of Disney at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Through facility fundraising efforts led by Quality of Life Director Jessica Cook, support from parent company Signature HealthCARE, the Signature Hometown division and Chief Operating Officer Chris Cox, the elders enjoyed a round-trip flight and all-inclusive vacation to Orlando, Florida. This trip was not only a dream come true for the elders, but was also their first time ever boarding an airplane or going to a theme park!

Shirley, 61, and Barbara, 75, both citizens of The Bridge of Monteagle for several years, were all smiles as they returned home from their adventure. They were greeted by a long line of staff members, all anxiously waiting with hugs, kisses and questions about their experience. Shirley said, “It was great! I had a lot of fun and even rode a roller coaster,” as she smiled big and hugged a nursing assistant’s neck.

Barbara was full of details as she grinned ear to ear and raved about roller coasters, park rides and how she bravely rode the airplane! She was proud and so was the team. There was a distinct feeling of compassion and love in the room as the elders shared their stories and experiences from the trip. Even the staff members who cared for the elders during the trip were ecstatic as they, too, excitedly described the vacation’s events. Stories of adventurous roller coaster rides, Mickey Mouse meet and greets, and even a photo op with life-size chipmunks could be heard among the chatter. Laura, a nursing assistant sporting a blue Disney World t-shirt as she unloaded bags from the facility’s travel bus, smiled and said, “Put me down for next year! That was a blast!”

Overall, this year’s elder vacation at The Bridge at Monteagle was definitely a hit with elders and staff alike. Since 2007, this Signature facility has been using programs such as annual elder vacations, Hall of Fame recognition events, citizen council meetings and more to enhance the quality of each and every day for their elders at The Bridge at Monteagle. Though each year, Signature elders travel far and wide, from Panama City Beach to Branson and even as far as Boston, it looks like Disney World has taken the cake! Just goes to show you, the magical wonder of Disney has absolutely no age limit.