Quality of Life Fundraising Run

The Bridge at Monteagle has been raising money for the Elders’ Activity Fund. Two stakeholders went above and beyond a buzz cut to help ensure the precious elders get to participate in a variety of activities, especially a vacation to the Smoky Mountains.

Dietary Director Matthew Griffith and Chaplain Joel Reynolds volunteered to auction off chances for other stakeholders to cut their hair. If you know either of them, this was a big deal! When the time came for the hair affair, there was hesitancy about allowing the all-to-eager winners have their way with the scissors.

After being cheered on by others and chased down the parking lot by the nurse management team, the hair duo graciously agreed to let them shave the remnants of their stylish hair. Joel received a buzz cut from the therapy department and Matthew ended up bald, courtesy of the nursing staff and admin team.

Both looked very handsome though, I must say. The auction raised what was needed to ensure the elders would be able to attend the annual Signature Healthcare vacation this month and several fun events for them throughout the remainder of the year.

The facility is blessed to be privileged to care for some very special people and by some very special people! Thank you, Matthew and Joel, and to all that participated!